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Campus Renewal Partnership Overview

What is CRP?
Campus Renewal Partnership (CRP) is an energy reduction and facility renewal plan co-developed by McMaster University and Ameresco Canada. Its goal is to improve McMaster's aging physical assets, such as buildings, heating and cooling systems, lighting fixtures, etc.

Campus Renewal Partnership logoBy uncovering then redirecting scarce financial resources towards areas in need of updating and modernizing, CRP is able to create better learning and working environments for students, staff, and faculty.



  • Thanks to the CRP, McMaster is saving $1.5 million annually in utility costs.
  • Even with a steadily increasing campus footprint and population, we are currently exceeding our overall savings targets by 7%.
  • In 2005, the campus reduced greenhouse gas emissions (CO2) by 11,252 tonnes, which is the equivalent of taking 1,354 cars off the road.

More highlights “Spring 2006 Newsletter


Primary Benefits

Students, Staff and Faculty Benefit from Campus Improvements:

  1. A safer, more comfortable campus for staff, faculty and students
  2. Improved building systems reliability
  3. Improved building air quality
  4. Reduction in energy costs (23% or $1.5 million savings per year
  5. Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (20 – 30%)

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Creating Savings and Renewal

Launched officially by McMaster and Ameresco Canada Inc. in fall 2003, Campus Renewal Partnership is expected to lower energy costs and consumption by 23% over the next three and a half years and generate $28 million in facility renewal improvements over 20 years. View the news release.

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